Haunted Newfoundland: Ghost Stories from the Rock

Why is Newfoundland so haunted? And why is Conception Bay North, where I live, the most haunted place in this very spooky island? I answer these questions as I present an hour of traditional Newfoundland ghost stories, collected from the communities near me.


Find the DARKEST place in your school (a library is best), where students can sit close together on the floor, and prepare to be SPOOKED!



Ghosts in the ocean, ghosts on the barrens, ghosts in lighthouses, and ghosts at kitchen parties. 

Good ghost stories do more than just give kids a spooky thrill: they reflect the traditions and beliefs of the people who create them. When possible, I bring an authentic ship’s light with me that used to hang on the mast of a ship that sailed Conception Bay 100 years ago. 

Some of my stories go back hundreds of years, like the Old Hollies, said to be the victims of shipwrecks, who are heard screaming in the wind just before a bad storm. Or the dancing Jacky-Lanterns, ghost lights seen bobbing above the water out at sea.

I tell the mysterious true story of The Ferryland Visitor: A Mysterious Tale, about a family who has just moved to a lonely lighthouse. Then I describe an unsettling experience I had myself on the barrens one dark Newfoundland night. I finish the performance with a dramatic telling of a story about ghostly footsteps in Bay de Verde in the 1920s.


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Grades 4 through 6

125 students maximum

One hour