Ghosts in Grates Cove

Posted by Charis on July 13, 2015

On Saturday night I did a brand new ghost story presentation: The Ghosts at Grates Cove. I was hosted by Grates Cove Studio Café, who served a special dinner for audience members. Rick Clarke and Tom Whalen of Rosemill Antiques in St. John’s designed the set, which featured a vintage ship’s light. I told traditional ghost stories from the area, stories I have collected from people in the area, including students from Tricon Elementary and Baccalieu Collegiate. Conception Bay North is one of the most haunted areas in Newfoundland: the stories included ghost ships, ghost lights, ghost trains, blueberry-picking ghosts and the spine-chilling Old Hollies, who are the ghosts of all the hundreds of shipwreck victims who drowned in Conception Bay. The sun was just starting to set as the audience left to go home, which was a good thing, because no one wanted to drive across the dark barrens once they heard how many ghosts are lurking there. Thanks to Courtney and Terrence Howell for their hospitality and delicious food! I’ll be incorporating this presentation into my annual ghost tour this fall, visiting schools in Newfoundland and beyond.