A World Full of Ghosts

The world is full of ghosts. Skeleton ghosts in Alaska, hungry ghosts in China, gliding ghosts in Africa. They live in trees, in stones, in graveyards. They bark like dogs or roar like lions. Some ghosts like to dance and some like to eat candy. Some bring messages of coming disaster or death and others just want to party all night long.

Take a spooky trip around the globe with this fun and frightening host of international phantoms, with zany illustrations by Quebec artist Marc Mongeau. True Ghost Stories feature first-person accounts of spectral sightings and each ghost comes with a scariness-scale for younger readers.


Marc Mongeau has illustrated more than 25 books for children. His work also appears in magazines and newspapers, such as Newsweek and The New York Times. He lives in Bedford, Quebec. You can look up his website here.


Bring me and my host of international ghosts to your school! See The Silky Ghost to learn more.

Jamaican Duppies

Alaskan Ahkiyyini

Japanese Yurei

African Ibambo

Irish Banshee

Finnish Liekkio

Hawaiian Lapu

And many, many more.


"The stories are a great read …. There is a lot of potential for lively discussion and the book would be suitable for many grades."  ―Rosemarie Chapman, Professionally Speaking

 "This book won’t stay on your shelves long; students are sure to love it and tell their friends." —Library Media Connection