The Swallow: A Ghost Story










Interview with Charis

A video interview in two parts about The Swallow with fellow children's author Valerie Francis.

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Two old houses stand side by side overlooking a cemetery. In one house is Polly. In the other is Rose. They couldn’t be more different. Polly lives in a large, noisy family, while Rose is often left alone by her busy parents. Polly has a wild imagination and speaks before she thinks; Rose broods and says little. Polly’s greatest desire is to see a ghost, while Rose just wishes she could stop seeing them.

Both girls spend their days feeling lonely and invisible, until they discover their attic hideaways share a wall. Despite their differences, the two become friends.  But is there more to Rose than meets the eye? Why does no one ever talk to her? And why does she look so ghostly? When the girls find a tombstone with Rose's name on it in the cemetery and encounter an angry spirit in her house, they set out to unravel the mystery.

A haunted house, a curse and a family secret all come to light as the two girls explore the uncertain world between life—and death.




Silver Birch Honour Award 

IODE Violet Downey Book Award

Finalist, NL Book Awards

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The Swallow is a page turner, full of mystery, chills and unexpected plot twists. Polly and Rose are very real and their unlikely friendship gives added depth to this wonderful novel. Just a terrific read. —Janet Macnaughton, author of Dragon Seer, The Saltbox Sweater among others

“Fantastically creepy! This is an easy sell for reluctant readers.” —Leah Griffin, Teacher Librarian, VOYA Top Shelf committee member

"Incredibly addictive , once you start it, I dare you to stop reading it." —Susana, Paperback Wonderland

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