The Ghosts of Baccalieu

The Baccalieu Trail may be one of the most haunted places in Newfoundland, according to the students of Tricon Elementary School in Bay de Verde. The Old Hollies scream in the wind, dead fishermen row a ghostly longboat through Baccalieu Tickle, restless spirits lurk on the lonely barrens, a woman in white appears on a deserted highway at midnight…

Every child in the school enthusiastically contributed to this book as part of an ArtsSmarts program that involved storytelling, writing, illustrating, and design. Students asked their families for stories and discovered ghostly tales that have been told and told again through many generations.

This delightful assortment of ghost pictures and stories reflects the students’ exuberant creativity and pays tribute to the rich cultural heritage of their community.

Book a school visit to bring my spooky Newfoundland ghost stories to your school. See Haunted Newfoundland: Ghost Stories from the Rock to learn more.


… a wonderful book…great for class read-alouds… rich in our cultural heritage… Sure to be a book that both teachers and students enjoy and a great addition to your school library! —Heather Godden, Teacher Librarian, Beachy Cove Elementary



I founded my own publishing company to publish The Ghosts of Baccalieu. Read all about it here.