I grew up beside a cemetery. I live beside a cemetery.

I write about ghosts.

I grew up in a small house in downtown Toronto beside the Necropolis cemetery. I trained as an actor in London, England, and Toronto. After several years as an actor, I moved into publishing, where I worked as a freelance editor and writer. My first book, Toronto Between the Wars: Life in the City 1919–1939, won the Toronto Heritage Award. Since then, I have written both non-fiction and fiction. My first novel, The Swallow, A Ghost Story, won the IODE Violet Downey Book Award.

Over the years, I have worked extensively in schools and libraries across Canada, using drama and storytelling to bring my books to life. My fascination with ghosts has led me to many far corners of Newfoundland, looking for ghost stories. This resulted in projects with Newfoundland students to collect and publish traditional ghost stories from their communities (The Ghosts of Baccalieu and The Ghosts of Southwest Arm).

My one-woman show of Newfoundland ghost stories, “Haunted Newfoundland: Ghost Stories from the Rock,” has entertained children and adults from St. John’s NL to Seaside, Florida. I continue to do writing workshops and storytelling at schools, libraries and community centres.

I fell in love with Newfoundland the first time I visited. My second novel, The Painting, was inspired by the Newfoundland landscape. I live on a quiet road beside the ocean, in a small house near two old cemeteries.